Original B-24 Profiles

738th  'Easy take off' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'Easy take off' (Anthony Gaster)

737th Tom Faulkner's B-24 42-78458 739th 'Bama baby' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'Warrior Maiden' Right side (Anthony Gaster)

736th  'R Baby' Left side (Peter Kassak)

737th  'Dragon Lady' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'Butter cup' (Anthony Gaster)

739th  'Miss America 44' (Anthony Gaster)

739th  'Miss America 44' (Anthony Gaster)

739th  'Hare Power' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'Dinah Mite' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'Hairless Joe' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'The Purple Shaft' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'Stand By' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'Stand By II' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'San Antonio Rose' (Anthony Gaster)

736th  'Natcherly' (Anthony Gaster)

736th  'Miss Maggie' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'Queen O Hearts' (Anthony Gaster)

736th  'Club 400' (Anthony Gaster)

738th  'Vicious vixen' (Anthony Gaster)

736th  'Girl Crazy' (Anthony Gaster)

737th  'Ancient and Honorable Art. Company of MA' (Anthony Gaster)