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B-24  s.n. 42-78193

The B-24 sn  42-78193 - 454th BG - 737th sqd crashed on 19 may 1944  in the sea very close to my home at Anzio beach  (look MACR 5442) .    In 70's, when I was 12,  I found part of a Martin 250CE Turret  on the beach.  In 2012 I started a web search for identify the aircraft  but the only evidence available to me were:  

1) the finding place :  Lido dei pini beach             (near Anzio) in 1971; 

2) M.A.C.R. 5442


some web sites indicating B24 42-78193 with       'STAR DUST II'  and there is also an aviation       print of A/C (click on the picture below)

I thought that B-24 42-78193 was 'Star Dust II' but the problem is that 42-78193 A/C was a G-10 NT ( North American / Dallas Production) and after s.n. 42-78189 all this production was in 'NMF' (natural metal) and not in 'OD' (olive drab) camouflage. (
look this table)

The definitive evidence that 'Star Dust II' is not the serial number 42-78193 is in this photo taken after Agust 1944 in San Giovanni Airbase (look B24 Star Dust II behind the ME 109)


MACR 5442


   for any information on  B-24 42-78193 write  to 454th webmaster: