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Crew of the day

737th B-24 41-28699 'The Vicious Vixen'

Photo contributor: David Einhorn


Photo of the day


738th B24 'St Louis Belle' crew


Photo contributor: Joseph Hallman

736th Lt  Milton Fryer

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 "This is the song played on the radio while formation was taking place above Cerignola to fly our sorties"


True Stories

 739th B-24 41-28699 'Who nose ?' story     


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"454th B-24 Original Profiles"

sn 42-52264 "Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachussetts" 

Antony Gaster profiles


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              B-24 Bombing mission video-clip                         from 'Unbroken' film



   The 454th book !  

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B-24 737th sn 42-78193 Research





Cerignola - San Giovanni Airbase 1944

454th Casualties

454th BOOKS !

    Operation Gunn-Reunion August 1944. 739th Lt Col James Gunn with Captain Cantacuzino (Roumanian AF)  


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